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Taziki’s Review

Anhthu Truong, Staff Writer, The Hi-Times

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 Taziki’s is a Mediterranean cafe that offers grilled meats, salads and sandwiches. Upon walking into the restaurant, the atmosphere gives off a family-friendly vibe while still retaining a professional feel. 

After a pleasant service from a smiling worker, I ordered a gyro with everything off, with the addition of chutney aioli, bacon and Swiss cheese. The price with a side of red roasted potatoes and a drink totaled out to be $9.88. Looking at the menu, it’s easy to identify that most of the food stayed in a steady price range for most people in Tupelo. The more simple the meat, the cheaper the meal.  

I didn’t enjoy the potatoes because they had a lemon tinge. It wasn’t my preference, but if someone is looking for a traditional Mediterranean style then they would find it enjoyable. However, my gyro was very yummy.

The gyro had a sweet flavor. However, the bacon added a delicious dash of saltiness. The chutney aioli complimented the gyro by enhancing the flavor.

The service was just as nice as the food. The food came out in a timely manner. They were good about checking up on us and making sure that we were content. They weren’t annoying about it, either, so that was great.

There were ocean type pictures scattered across the restaurant. The pictures intensified the Mediterranean feel of the restaurant.

I recommend this restaurant for anyone who enjoys trying different styles of food. Everyone should at least try it.

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Taziki’s Review