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Trump represents Republican Party for president

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It is August 2016, and every news channel out there is talking about who will be the next president of the United States of America. One of those candidates is Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee. Personally, I do not care for politics because I believe that it can cause multiple problems among individuals; therefore, I tend to avoid anything politically related.

However, whenever I do choose to read or watch the news, or even get on social media, I keep seeing articles and posts about Trump’s presidential campaign. At first, when I glanced at the pictures of Trump, I felt like it was not essential for me to consume that type of news. I initially doubted him of being the nominee of the Republican Party. Eventually, I started hearing the name “Trump” more and more from my fellow classmates and those around me. At this point, I began wondering what was so special about him besides the fact that he is a multi-billionaire. I later realized that people were talking about him because he had been nominated as the GOP representative.

I was shocked to hear the news because the Trump that I first knew was in The Apprentice. My first impression of him was that he was a successful businessman who was arrogant and loved yelling his famous catchphrase, “You’re fired!”

 By then, I started to ask myself if this was the same Trump that I had seen years ago on a TV show. I became curious of what his goals were as a possible candidate for the President of the United States; therefore, I researched him and gave my opinion about it.

He stated that if he were elected as the new president, he would build a wall along the U.S. southern borders and make Mexico pay for it. Although illegal immigration is a continuing problem, I do not think this is the best way to solve its issues because those people are simply and desperately trying to find a better life here in the US. Besides, some of them escaped their country through numerous of ways, so adding a wall would probably  not be a permanent solution anyway.

Also, Trump’s slogan for his presidential campaign is “Make America Great Again.” The last time this slogan was used was during Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. However, this term was made when the U.S. was experiencing a declining economy by high employment and inflation.

I would have to give my respect to Trump for being where he is today, but I am not on the same page with some of his goals. As of now, it is a completely different story. America is the leading country in the world, and I believe that America has always been great and will remain the best. In my opinion, for Trump to adopt this slogan, is only degrading the view of the America that I, along with many others, picture.

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Trump represents Republican Party for president