Dairy Queen Review


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A new Dairy Queen recently opened on November 8 between Connie’s Chicken and Hibachi Super Buffet on 801 South Gloster Street.in Tupelo

The day after the grand opening, I decided to try it out with my brother after school. However, as soon as I got there, the entire parking lot was filled; and there was a long line of cars going through the drive-thru. Since neither of us wanted to eat in such a crowded area, we chose to go through the drive-thru anyway.

I started to regret going through the to-go line because it took so long for the line to move again. It took 30 minutes for us to finally reach the order station. Not wanting to waste any more time, I decided to order one chicken mozzarella sandwich and one caramel frappé to share. After we placed our order, we waited another 15 minutes to get our food. They apologized for the waiting time, so I felt a bit better since they knew too, that it was taking quite a while to get the food out.

Splitting the meal in half, we went home to taste test the sandwich and frappé. The sandwich, in my opinion, was a bit small. I also think the presentation could have been better. My sandwich had marinara sauce all over the box, so things got a bit messy as I ate. Other than that, the chicken went quite well with the mozzarella and the marinara sauce. The fries that came with the sandwich were also decent, but the size was also a bit too little for one person.

On another note, the caramel frappé was very tasty. It had everything I liked that is sweet: caramel, whip cream, and chocolate chips. These ingredients blended in so well with the coffee,definitely making my day better.

Overall, I would definitely go back to Dairy Queen for another amazing drink; but I think I can pass on the food because it does not fit my taste buds. Maybe it was due to it being the grand opening, but 45 minutes for one sandwich and a drink is pretty long for a fast-food restaurant. I’ll definitely be making another trip in  a few weeks to get more refreshing drinks with all of my family next time.

On a scale of zero to five stars, I would rate this three and a half stars.

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