Madrigals give Jazzy Valentines


Suzy Williams

Senior Cole Herrington plays the Ukelele with Malik Small, Claire Burroughs and Cate Burroughs as they seranade a lucky valentine.

As Valentines Day comes and goes, people mark this holiday in a variety of ways. Some don’t celebrate at all. Some celebrate with friends. Some go all out and do everything they can for this day. These are the types of people that get Singing Valentines!

“We call them ‘Love Notes’,” Mrs. Suzy Williams, the organizer of this event said.

“Love Notes” consists of the Vocal Jazz group at Tupelo High School travelling around on Valentines day delivering a special type of love letter.

“Sometimes husbands call and hire them for their wives and vise-versa,” Williams said. “It’s just a really fun thing that we do and we like doing it.”

The Tupelo High School Vocal Jazz group spent their Valentine’s Day travelling around Tupelo and surprising unsuspecting people with songs that were meant to charm whomever they are sung to.

“We [went] to Behavioral Health and North Mississippi Medical Center, Milam Elementary, Community Bank, Renasant Bank, Several places downtown, Seniors Nursing home and precision machine,” Mrs. Williams said naming some of the many places they travelled on Valentines.

A Singing Valentine, or “Love Note”, definitely holds more of a surprise factor than a box of chocolates or a flower in some cases. Singing Valentines are great for people who want to make a bold declaration or draw attention to their Valentine.

Some suitors, however, decide to keep their Love Note Anonymous– deciding to draw the receiver’s attention away from a person and focus on the Valentine itself and the mystery that comes with it.

“At the hospital a group of people got together and hired one for their boss,” Williams said. “They’re having it delivered as anonymous,- (we say) ‘Someone has brought you a singing Valentine and we’re here to sing for you’.”

The songs people choose include newer songs, like “Death of a Bachelor” by Panic! At the Disco and older classics like “Can’t help falling in love with you” by Elvis Presley.

“It is a great opportunity just to bring joy to people because we love to sing, and we love to share our gifts,” Williams said.