Tupelo students attend Elvis themed ballet.

Alabama Ballet Company brings Elvis Presley’s music to life in Blue Suede Shoes.


Zay Beene

The Alabama Ballet Company performed Blue Suede Shoes on Friday, January 10 at the THS PAC.

The Alabama Ballet Company performed Blue Suede Shoes on Friday, January 10 at the THS PAC for fine arts and journalism classes at THS along with students from other schools in our community. The show follows 3 friends on a 20 year journey through life narrated by songs from Elvis Presley’s career. 

The 90 minute Ballet has 16 sets and 280 costumes all designed by Bob Mackie.  

“I think that’s cool for a younger generation to still hear [Elvis’] music and to see it visually performed in such a beautiful and even emotional way,” music teacher Danielle Ratliff said. 

The Alabama Ballet Company was founded in 1981 as a professional company and is an extension of the Birmingham Civic Ballet. The Tupelo Academy of Dance Arts and Director Sharon Long were key players in getting this show to Tupelo as part of the city of Tupelo’s celebration of the 85th anniversary of  Elivis Presley’s Birth.  

“I think [the ballet] tied in really good [to the theme of Elvis]. I think it was really well executed,” freshman Camryn Dobson said.  

Elivis was born on January 8, 1935 in Tueplo MS. Prior to moving to Memphis in 1948, he attended early elementary school at Lawhon and Milam.  He released his first song, “That’s all Right” in 1954. He became a movie star in 1957 with his hit, Love Me Tender.  He went into the US Army in 1958. He then went on to record a nuber of huge hits.  

“I think that each song represented a different [time] and they really showed that in the dances,” freshman Paige Gray.