Watchlist: Streaming Services

These days it seems that cable is moving out and streaming services are moving in, but what is the best one? There are so many how do you know which one to go with? Here are the top 8 and their prices and what they offer.

8 Crackle: It is free and that’s about its only perk. One of the things that is great about streaming services is the no annoying interruptions of commercials but with Crackle they are everywhere. One reviewer even described the movie selection as “cheesy”

7 Sling TV: The priciest streaming service on this list with its basic option (Sling Orange)  at $30/month and its premium option (Sling Complete) at $45/month, it is still much cheaper than cable. On paper it seems just like any other cable service, but with sling there is no contract, no set-up or box rental fee, just pay a monthly fee and get about thirty real-time channels. You can add more channels, but that will increase your monthly subscription.

6 HBO NOW: Another one of the pricier streaming services at $14.99/month, it has award winning original programming and is also home to the award winning show Game of Thrones. The movie selection doesn’t disappoint either.

5 Amazon Prime Video:  At $12.99/month, it has a wide content selection. You do have to be an Amazon Prime member to access it though, And if you are after nostalgia, this is one of the services for you, with shows like All That, Hey Arnold, Rugrats etc..

4 HULU: From the basic version at $9.99 to their premium version being 60.99/month, this is another well known streaming service. With their cheapest options, it’s like Netflix with fewer shows. While their most expensive option HULU Live includes all of their shows, movies, and originals along with live TV.

3 Apple TV:  At $4.99/month its the cheapest on the list. Although it only shows programs created by Apple, you can get subscriptions to HBO and Starz. And if you purchased an Apple product as of September 10th a year long free subscription to Apple TV is included.

2 Disney+: The newest streaming service to be released at $6.99/month. It includes all of your favorite Disney shows and movies, and your favorite Pixar’s movies. They even have all the Star Wars and National Geographic programs.

1 Netflix, The number one, of course, at $9.99/month it is the most used streaming services with 1,000s of TV shows and movies Netflix has about 103 original TV shows the most popular among those being Stranger Things and You. Although Netflix has 1,000s of shows to offer, the most loved show The Office will be leaving the platform as NBC is releasing their new streaming service next year. Along with The Office the hit TV show Friends has already left Netflix. But they still have Grey’s Anatomy which is also a fan favorite. 

So there are just a few of the streaming services and what they offer, but it seems everyday a  new one is being released, try them out and see what you think. Find us on Twitter or Instagram @GoldenwaveMedia and let us know which is your favorite. Or let us know if we missed one we should know about.