Tupelo Co-ed Cheer team hosts Beauty Review Pageant



Seen here is third alternate Lilee Rose, first alternative Addie Harper, Most Beautiful 2020 Bailey Fulton, second alternative Malia Crump, and fourth alternative Erin Matthews.

Fourteen girls from Tupelo High School competed in the annual Beauty Review on Saturday, Jan. 18.

Sophomore Bailey Fulton was named the winner.

“I was nervous because everybody that was in the pageant I’m pretty good friends with, and they all looked really good. But I just found my own inner confidence, so I wasn’t that nervous,” sophomore Fulton said.

The pageant took place in the Performing Arts Center on the Tupelo High school campus.

“The contestants are judged on their poise, their confidence on stage, their appearance, how they hold themselves and how they represent themselves. Do they look confident? Are they comfortable with being the center of attention in the room? And that’s just really our goal to build the confidence of the contestants,” Cheer Coach Brandee Wheeler said.

“First we did one big parade. Then we went out individually while they read some of the clubs that we were involved in,” senior Erin Matthews said.  “Then they announced the top seven, and then the top seven did another individual walk. Then, in the end, we all went out and they announced the winners.”

Matthews won fourth alternate, most photogenic, and most academic.

The first alternative was freshman Addie Harper. Harper also won the award for having the most grammatically correct application.

The second alternative award was given to senior Malia Crump. The third alternative award was given to junior Lilee Rose. The two semifinalists were senior Kat Knight and sophomore Chyolanda Carodine.

The viewers’ choice award was given to freshman Hannah Grace Michael. The viewers’ choice award is an award that is given to the girl with the most votes from the audience.

The pageant is a fund-raiser for the Golden Wave Cheer team to pay for their trip to the Cheer National Competition held in Orlando, Florida.

2020 Beauty Review winner Bailey Fulton is crowned and awarded with flowers by 2019 winner Skylar Carr.
2020 Beauty Review winner Bailey Fulton is crowned and awarded with flowers by 2019 winner Skylar Carr.
Junior Lilee Rose is named third alternative.  
Senior Malia Crump is named second alternative.