Binge spectacular


What to watch over the Holiday Break
By Makayla Smith, senior

These movies and shows are worth binge-watching over your Holiday break. These are the top five shows and five movies that you can watch that can be found on Netflix.
1 Christmas Chronicles: When a sister and brother accidentally crash Santa’s sleigh they pull an all-nighter to save Christmas with a unique Santa
2. Holiday Calendar: A young talented photographer inherits an antique calendar that is predicting the future and leads her towards love.
3 The Princess Switch: A Chicago baker and a soon to be princess find out they look like twins they ditch their plans for Christmas and trade places
4. Holidate: Tired of being single on the Holidays two strangers agree to be each other plus one all year long but catch real feelings by the end.
5 The Kissing Booth: when a teenager’s first kiss enhances a forbidden romance with the most popular boy in school, she puts her relationship with her best friends.

TV Shows:
You: A dangerous and obsessive young man goes to extreme measures to involve himself with those he is infatuated by.
Squid Games: Hundreds of players accept an invitation from a stranger to competing in children’s games with a tempting cash prize and deadly high stakes.
Maid: Once a mother fled her abusive relationship she found a job as a maid as she fight for a better life for her child.
On My Block: In a rowdy Los Angels neighborhood, 4 teens find their friendship tested as they begin high school
All American: Rivalries test a teen football player from south Los angles when is recruited to a Beverly Hills high school team.