Kickin it on Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and students are getting in the spirit and preparing for the long-awaited break.

“1000 million trillion billion,” said Alivia Buchanan

Senior Alivia expresses her excitement for Christmas creeping upon us.

“all women like we all pitch in and like we help and like the men like they have to go get the food that we forgot to get,” said Alivia.

Everyone in the family plays a part in what is being served at the table on Christmas day.

“I know that it’s not a good gift but this person loves coffee, so I bought all this coffee stuff at the store that I saw,” said Alivia.

Gifts don’t always have to be well thought out, even the smallest of gifts could mean the most to anyone.

“Oh we normally when our presents on Christmas Eve and we do like little games before we eat dinner type of games to play well last year we did like gingerbread competition and this year we’re doing axe throwing and we put little balloons on our board and they’re gonna have little like prizes in it,” said Annabelle.

Rios and her family on her Christmas day traditions that she and her family partake in every Christmas.

“A time to celebrate and spend time with my family and friends,” said Hailee Spradling.

The true meaning of Christmas isn’t just opening gifts but making memories with the ones you love most is what matters.