Law and Public Safety

Tupelo High School Teacher Kimetra Bernard teaches Law and Public Safety and the expectations and principles of the law. 

“I teach just the basic foundations of law. That’s the first year, which covers the court system, the correction system, and law enforcement services along with the current expectations. And then year two is public safety, which we still go into law enforcement with crime scene investigations, firefighters, services and emergency medical services.” Mrs. Bernard said.

Law and Public Safety is a good first step to prepare for your future in law enforcement.

“Social skills you learn how to I will say, learning how to talk to people communicate will lead from the front and not from the back, basically, to stand out because we law enforcement and law and public safety, you’re always in the media in the limelight, so you have to be able to communicate well with the public.” Mrs. Bernard said. 

Law and Public Safety can start you off with many different career options straight out of high school. 

“Also some careers such as 911, dispatchers, you can go straight from high school into that at the age of 18. EMS, get a two year degree in it and go into that. So it has a lot of career opportunities coming from high school, straight into the work industry.” Mrs. Bernard said.

Taking this class can also get you real life experiences like no other. 

“We have so far visited our Lee County 911 Dispatch, and they saw how they dispatch to the 13 counties. We went to our fire department and we went to our justice court here in Tupelo.” Mrs. Bernard said.  

Jocie Delk is a Tupelo High School Student that takes Law and Public Safety, a CTE class. Law and Public Safety is the perfect class to take if you are interested in any profession in law.

“I chose to take this class because I kind of want to be a lawyer. And this class is the perfect opportunity to learn about history and everything about it.” Delk said. 

Law and Public Safety can prepare you for future expectations in this field. 

“It helped me get ready for college when I actually went into it. And I already know some of the background and everything.” Delk said.

Sergio Garcia has had many different experiences taking this class that motivates him to work in this field. 

“It’s a lot of hands-on class. So we got to do a traffic stop and an arrest. And you wouldn’t do that in another class.” Garcia said.

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