Health Science CTE

Student Catherine Estep says that Health Science is a great class and learning experience

“I would definitely recommend it,” said Catherine Estep. She highly recommends Health Science.

“I would definitely recommend it. But before you take this, they would need to know that you’re not going to spend every week in the lab. In your first year, you’re going to spend a lot of time in the classroom, just because she wants you to learn everything before you go into the lab. And so you’re not lost.” Estep said.

THS offers other CTE classes to help students realize their passion and possibly their future job.

She says, “I plan on going into this field in the future and hopefully taking these classes will look good on my resume ” 

These classes truly are a good head start for your long-term career

“I chose to take this class because ever since I was five years old, I’ve been wanting to go into the Health Science program or in the healthcare field. And I figured this was like a good way to start it off,” Estep said

She said some things she has learned there is “to work in a lab and work with people like you who want to be in the healthcare field.”

Not only does this class prepare you for your future but they also build a great community within the classes.

“You really get to be friends with everybody and get to work with people who have the same dreams as you,” Estep said

Just like classmate Estep, Deaja Prather plans on working in the health science field as well.

“I chose this class because I want to be a traveling nurse. And this class is a good foundation to get a foot in the door in the medical field.” Prather said.


The CTE classes are highly recommended by former students.


“I would recommend it if it’s something that you know you want to do because it’s like really good,” Prather said.

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