Why I do or do not stand?

The Pledge of Allegiance is said even day on the intercom and we are taught since Kindergarten that it is normal to recite the pledge of allegiance daily, so we do.

In fact, Mississippi state law states that “all public schools of this state shall require the teachers under their control to have all pupils repeat the oath of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America at the beginning of the first hour of class each day school is in session.”

“[The pledge of Allegiance is] our nation’s motto. And within the United States, we live under the constitution, we all live by a set of rules, and as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we all have freedom of speech. And so it means the Constitution gives us those liberties to be able to do those things.” JROTC Instructor colonel (RET) Roger Johnson said. 

But in current times social and political philosophies change were some kids choose to sit during the pledge.

So now state law states that “Any student or teacher who objects to reciting the oath of allegiance shall be excused from participating without penalty.”

And now there are lawsuits that have appeared involving students not standing for the pledge of allegiance.