My Hope for the Future | Brain Waves ?


As Chief of the Editorial Board, I have watched this publication grow into the powerful medium it is today. I hope to see the staff expand and improve every aspect of this program as this year continues under this leadership style.

I want to see every one of you become the best version of yourself—the promotion of freedom of self and freedom of expression. Increasing everyone’s confidence as we publish more stories is my ultimate goal. While I would love to win all the state competition awards, it is unnecessary and should not be the only thing I seek from my staff.

I want this publication to feel like a second home, a break from all the drama and chaos that school instills in the average student. It will not be the paradise everyone dreams of, but I hope to be as close as possible. The staff should look forward to coming into the class. I want my group to wake up and wonder what weird or serious topic the publication will do today.

Ultimately, I want my successor to take a similar stance and cultivate a better environment, one step at a time. I hope to be a pioneer of a revolution that eventually leads to the change that changes the way Tupelo High does journalism forever.