THS gains new production class


Jevon Edwards

The equipment and software is displayed for the Sound Engineering and Production class

Tupelo High School has recently gained three new music-based classes: general music, dance, and sound engineering & production. Of these three classes, sound engineering and production stands out the most to those who want to work with technology and music.

The teacher of the class, Danielle Ratliff, also teaches keyboarding and directs Synergy. 

“[It’s] going to be a very project driven class. We’re going to have lots of different apps that we will use to be able to do different sound projects. Sometimes that is manipulating sound or music that is already recorded. And sometimes we will be making our own music, creating beats, loops, et cetera,” Ratliff said when asked to provide an overview of the class.

The class is the first of its kind at THS, and Ratliff hopes to have more things added such as better equipment, recording studios, and a second part to the class. So far, the class uses programs like Ableton, Audacity, and GarageBand. Along with the programs, a synth pad will be used to help produce the sounds on the iPads that will be used.

The class will be a semester long, and will start officially in the second semester for first block. This latest addition adds to Tupelo’s ever-expanding roster of music classes, creating many opportunities for students in a city rooted in music.