Word of Mouth 🗣| Brain Waves 🧠


Everyone has that one distinct teacher they remember, and always talk about. The teacher always seemed to always be on the subject people hated the most.

That single teacher was different; their passion radiated from their door, and everyone in the class knew it.

That lone teacher singlehandedly cultivated an atmosphere that instilled something in every student that passed through that door. There was never a dull moment in their presence. That environment was infectious; whether foreign to the class or not, every student loved to indulge in its effects.
That sole teacher spoke like they made it their mission to make learning fun for every student, no matter how disinterested they appeared. Despite all odds, that teacher succeeds every single time with every single pupil.

That unique teacher courageously brought back the childhood curiosity to learn and explore. They oriented people to explore their interests even if they seemed bland.

That extraordinary teacher influenced every student that changed their lives for the better, even if they could not see it at that point.