New Netflix Series, “Wednesday” Q &A.

KG: Have you seen the new “Wednesday” series, and what did you think about it?

DW: “Yes I’ve seen the new series, I thought it was amazing. It honestly wasn’t what I expected”

MC: “Yes I watched it and I think it’s a really good spin-off of the Addams family. It has really good details.

ED: “Yes I thought it was very intriguing and kept my attention”

KG: Did you like the new series, if not why didn’t you like it?

DW: “Yes I loved it”.

MC: “Yes I liked the new Wednesday series”.

ED: “Yes it is not a typical show that I would watch but the ending was not something that I expected so it made me want to keep watching it”

KG: Were you shocked by the ending, did it surprise you?

DW: “I was shocked the ending did surprise me because I didn’t that the monster would be who it was”.

MC: “No I wasn’t shocked I saw it coming in the end”.

ED: Yes, I was very shocked. I normally am pretty good at figuring shows like that out but I did not expect that ending at all

KG: What spiked your interest in the new series “Wednesday”?

DW: I honestly thought it was just going to be about Wednesday Addams with her family, but in reality, it was more than that. I didn’t expect it to have as much drama as it did”.

MC: “Jenna Ortega spiked my interest, I watch everything with her in it”.

ED: “ I wanted to watch it because of the mystery aspect”