Top 5 places to Visit in Mississippi

Graceland, Memphis TN
Graceland Mansion is home to the music phenomenon, Elvis Presley. Presley brought the home in 1957 March. In 1977, when Presley died, his only daughter, the late Lisa Marie, who was just nine inherited the home. Since 1932, the 13.8 acres home has been open to the public and has been visited by thousands of people around the world.

Gulf shores, Alabama
Gulf shores beach in Alabama has been visited by millions that are trying to chill by the sealine. To the sugar-like sand and beautiful sunsets. Gulf Shoes is the best way to get away from your hometown.

Topgolf, Nashville TN
Topgolf is great entertainment in Mississippi. With good music and good food and drinks. Topgolf provides amazing selections of clubs for everyone including kids of small ages. With great friends or family, topgolf can be an amazing getaway for the whole family.

The Grammy Museum, Cleveland Mississippi
The Grammy Museum is a music theme and interactive Museum. The inside includes items such as outfits included on the carpet and music items from artists. The museum also includes facts and background on such said items.

The B.B. King Museum, Indianola Mississippi
The museum is dedicated to the late Blues king, BB king. Since 2008, the museum has been jumping with items and tributes to the king. The museum also lets you visit the grave of the late artist.