Top 5 female pop singers

  • Brittney Spears

Brittney Spears who is often referred to as the ‘Princess of pop”. Has been around since the early days of 2000s pop music. Songs such as “Gimmie more” & “Circus” made the Princess of pop jump higher on the song charts.

  • Ariana Grande

Since 2013, Grande has been part of the pop scene dropping albums such as, “Dangerous women” & “Sweetener”. Whom album she won a grammy & earn a Woman Of the Year reward for. Since 2022, Grande has taken a break from the pop industry to work on her acting career.

  • Taylor Swift

Swift has been topping the charts for while. Has been part of the industry since the age of 17. Swift who has won 12 grammy’s for her past albums have since released her 2022 album ‘Midnight”. And is planning on touring alongside Sza & Beyonce.

  • Olivia Rodrigo 

          Rodrigo is known for being on the Disney show ‘Bizaardvark” & “High School Musical: the series”. Sparked rumors with her album, “Sour”, since the release of the single ‘Drivers License”. Rodrigo soon won 3 Grammys for the work put into her album. Since then Rodrigo has come out and stated that new music is soon to be released.

  • Katy Perry

Perry is known for the mainstream album “Teenage Dream”. In 2007 she sign to record label Virgin Records & Capitol Records. She has gone on to do songs with feature artists, such as Juicy J, Snoop Dogg, & more. Katy has since taken a break from music to focus on married life with her husband, Orlando Bloom & daughter Daisy Bloom.