Top 5 Netflix Drama Series

  1. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin goes about with a girl named Jane who is the daughter of a teen mother. At age 23 Jane has her whole life up for her, but she ends up pregnant after one of her daily clinic visits. Now Jane has to figure out how to continue to navigate with her life, the only thing is how is she pregnant?   

  • You

“You,” tells the story of a bookstore manager that goes far for a female writer. And I mean, FAR even if some of his acts are sinister. Using every tool at his disposal whether  it be social media or removing any obstacle that stands in his way from getting to her.

  • Stranger Things

A group of friends witnesses odd supernatural forces and government exploits. The group must reveal to the people of their town that things are not what they seem. Can they unravel the truth before someone or something silences them ?

  • Outer Banks

A teenager on the search for his missing father must piece the clues together and find a treasure that links to his father’s disappearance. In doing so, he enlists three of his friends to help with the search. Can they find out the reason his father disappeared or can they find him?

  • Squid Game

A rich-man game brings a group of cash-hungry contestants to complete a game for Or will they all survive to touch the treasure they so desperately want? Or will the events unraveling during the game drive their insanity?