Top 5 Theme Parks Everyone Should Visit Over The Summer

With the waking of springtime its clear as day that summertime is around the corner, here are the top 5 theme parks you should visit over the summer


3. Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Of course, we had to set the charts high and start with our favorite and most known park, Magic Kingdom. Near, Orlando Florida, Disney is known for its iconic rides such as Space Mountain, Its A Small World, and more.


2. Universal Studios

Universal first opened on June 7, 1990. Has had millions of people around the world visit its gates. Universal houses, rides such as Revenge of the Mummy,The Simpsons Ride, and Harry Potter.


3. Six flags 

Was founded by Angus G. Wynne in August of 1961. Six flags which have 27 locations around the globe is known for its iconic rides Batman The Ride, Wonder Woman Flight of courage, and Tatsu. Six Flags’ revenue is currently 1.497 billion.


4. Dollywood

Yes, turns out Dolly Parton has park of her that she calls Dolly Wood. The park is home to some of Dolly’s iconic pieces of clothing and 6 mansion. Rides such as Dizzy Disk and Express Train Depot.


5. Seaworld

Thought has theories of the mistreatment of their animals. Seaworld is known for its amazing showcases that show off dolphin tricks and killer whale shows. Founded in December of 1973 Seaworld has impacted everyone that visits its park.