Listen To Your Mom

Dear upcoming freshmen,

If there’s any advice I could give you, it would be to listen to your mom. Yes, I know you hear that a lot but I promise she’s just trying to look out for you. My mom gave me advice on things, I wish I should’ve listened to.

whether it be a boy or girl please be careful to who you give your heart. As a sophomore in high school, I can tell you even in a new relationship your past follows you. Be humble, carry yourself as a queen or king, and always learn from your mistakes.

Yes, it would help if you take your required classes. But one thing I could write about to you is I wish I took not only Cyber foundations in middle school but Algebra. Algebra is one of the easiest subjects a student can take on this campus; the same with Geometry. Which is why I dreamed about getting that credit done already. All in all, make sure to stay on your A-game.

Get Involved

Get Involved in after-school activities, here at THS, we have a bunch of clubs and sports students can join. Classes such as Jrotc can help students get out of their confront zone and build leadership skills. Another class I would recommend would be WTHS and Multimedia theses two classes can get not only get you confronted in front of the camera but behind it as well. Theses classes can also, help you get confronted ith speaking to larger audiences.