THS Book Club


Zoey Huggins

Jackson Hollbrook and Azjea Johnson discuss books during a club meeting

This year, the THS book club helped bring the power of books to its members. The book club is run between sponsors Chelsey Wilson and Morgan Southworth. 

¨We meet several times a semester to discuss the books we enjoy, books that might be coming out soon that people are looking forward to, [and] books that have been turned into movies and the differences between them,¨ said Southworth. 

While the book club initially planned to select books and read together, the group decided to run their meetings a little differently. 

¨At the beginning of the semester we had planned to read as a group reading the same novel. It just worked out better, we found discussing the books we were reading now as individuals rather than trying to do it all at the same time has worked out better… A lot of students find that very enjoyable,¨ said Southworth. 

Southworth says her favorite part of being a sponsor for the club was the connection between the students and seeing what books and stories they were enjoying. 

Student members also enjoy the club for similar reasons.

¨It was really interactive. We would read certain stories and go over [them]. You really felt like a family and connected with everyone there¨ said freshman member Jackson Hollbrook. 

As a new school year approaches, the club hopes to continue to improve for future classes and members. 

¨We plan on involving a lot more food and having a lot of reading while we eat. [We] also plan on meeting in the library so that way we can check out books during our meetings,” Southworth said.