Controversial Topic: Should ChatGPT Be Used In Schools?


Graphic Created by Aubrey Bell via Canva

What is Artificial Intelligence? How does it work? What should we know?


 ChatGPT is a writing tool used on the internet by students worldwide. You can put a prompt in and it will give you an essay. 

Despite its usefulness, ChatGPT should not be used in schools because students aren’t learning from it, it can give you inaccurate information, and it doesn’t have actual human feelings.

“I think that we should be really terrified of this whole thing.” said Timnit Gebru, an AI researcher who specializes in the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Students are using the app and turning their essays in without fully understanding the topic they’re writing about. If there is a test about a topic the student will not know anything. 

Students will not be able to participate in group discussions in class if all they use is ChatGPT. Some schools have banned ChatGPT.

“ChatGPT is plagiarism and it can give you a bad grade,” Junior Jordyn Akins.

According to CBS News, The Seattle and New York City school systems have banned ChatGPT, and so have some colleges.

ChatGPT does not know all the material like a student does, so it can give out inaccurate information. It can also be repetitive with sentences and words. Students won’t know how to write essays when all they rely on is ChatGPT.

ChatGpt does not have any feelings like a human being does. If a prompt asks for feelings on an essay you will not get the information that you need. If you have an emotional topic you will not be able to rely on ChatGPT. It is also taking the place of teachers being able to teach their students.

Although you could use ChatGPT to get ideas for an essay, most students will use it to do all the work for them and won’t learn anything from it.

“While ChatGPT is a very revolutionary piece of technology, it is a big problem because while it may make assignments easier, you gain nothing academically from having something write your essays for you,” Junior Jevon Edwards said.

 Other students who don’t know about ChatGpt won’t use it and they will be at a disadvantage to others who use it.

ChatGPT should not be allowed in school because students are not learning while using it, it is giving them inaccurate information, and it doesn’t show any emotion.