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TV review: ‘The Bachelor’

Pierce Lehman, Hi-Times Business Manager

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Prince Farming seems to be every girl’s dream. Well, at least the dream of 30 women who have decided to participate in the 19th season of “The Bachelor.” Chris Soules, also known as Prince Farming, had a very eventful opening night, enduring a multitude of seemingly crazy women for the sake of love.

The women who paraded themselves in front of Prince Farming did not disappoint. Viewers saw a self-proclaimed crazy ballet teacher who lives at home because she does not like to pay her bills or clean. A woman who works with organ transplants brought an incredibly realistic fake human heart.

This season has brought the same drama and idiocy that every season of “The Bachelor” brings.The season premiere indulged viewers in the same drinks, romance, obsession and drama expected in every season of “The Bachelor.”

I could barely force myself to watch the first episode, and when another episode aired the next Tuesday, I skipped it so I could avoid killing my brain cells and getting a migraine. “The Bachelor” is something that would be enjoyable if you like gross reality television. If you don’t, avoid this show at all costs.

Mind-numbing reality television is popular these days, but “The Bachelor” is among the worst. Not only is it clearly scripted, it also is very demeaning to both men and women. The men on the show are seen as self-centered and driven by appearance, not the emotional connection. The women are portrayed as ditzy, crazy, obsessive and extremely competitive. The women who participate in this show almost seem like they have been prompted to appear like they are already in love with this year’s Bachelor. The perception of the Bachelor being God’s gift to women is unrealistic and damaging to the young audience members.

“The Bachelor” shows young women that men should be competed over and are so perfect that even if you barely know them, it is OK to announce your love and get married. Only women who take this show seriously, at least.

“The Bachelor” gets one out of five stars because it stinks. Sorry, Prince Farming.

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TV review: ‘The Bachelor’