Dine and Dash

Keywanna Rogers, Staff Writer, The Hi-Times

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This school year at Tupelo High School is a little different than the past.

We have new things added to our schedule such as Teacher Advisory and a few more minutes in each class. There are a couple more differences this school year.

One difference that is very noticeable is that second and third lunches are shorter than the others. Last year all of our lunches were 30 minutes; this year both second and third lunches only have 20 minutes. It takes us at least half of that time to stand in line and just get our lunches and when we finally get through the line to sit and eat, a couple minutes later our lunches are over.

In my opinion, it doesn’t bother me about the time being shorter. The only thing that bothers me is that the time isn’t split evenly, which isn’t fair to all the other students to have the same amount of time to eat lunch like first and fourth lunch.

Second and third lunch have 10 minutes to get back to class after lunch. Teachers suggest that they should stay five minutes at lunch and use the other five to get to class. That is a smart idea, but I like to digest my food before I do anything. Who wants to sit in a class for 97 minutes with food not really digested yet?

Many students complained the first week of school that it was not enough time for them.

“It’s not fair because we should have equal time just like the others,” junior Takeyah Taylor said. “Lunch time was our free time to socialize, eat and catch up with friends, but we don’t have time to do that anymore.”

Last year most students were excited about lunch,but this year it is not as exciting as it used to be.

“As a freshman last year, I enjoyed eating lunch with my friends, but this year I barely get to see them because our lunch is shorter than what it used to be,” sophomore Asia Buchanan said.

Although I think the schedule should change, there are some students who think it should remain as it is.

“I think it’s better,” senior Benjamin Warren said. “It keeps kids from getting in trouble.”
Even though a few students think the new schedule is absolutely fine, it is really not. Lunch is taking a break away from class for a couple of minutes and not having to worry about anything or for a few students to study for a test, to talk to a counselor, or whatever else. It’s our free time, and with the new schedules that we have, we don’t have time to do anything now. Many students, including me, are concerned about the lunch times. I think the schedule shouldn’t have changed. Although some students thought Teacher Advisory was a good thing until they saw their lunch was shorter than the usual, I would rather eat lunch for 30 minutes than to sit in a class for 20 minutes and talk about recess.


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