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Santa Claus: I Believe

Mary Catherine Miller, Staff Writer, The Hi-Times

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As children grow older, Christmas spirit can begin to fade away for some. Santa is one of the beliefs that continuously lessens each year. Young children already know that Santa isn’t real and that parents are the ones who buy the presents. Where is the Christmas spirit in this? The joy little kids’ faces show when they experience everything leading up to Christmas morning is precious. The magic of Christmas is amazing.

After Thanksgiving is over, most families begin to decorate their houses for Christmas. Stockings are hung on the mantle of the fireplace. The Christmas tree is put out, with everyone in the family adorning the tree with ornaments. My family either listens to Christmas music or watches Christmas movies while decorating the tree.

It’s also common for children to take the time to sit and write a Christmas list to mail to the North Pole in hopes of receiving the perfect gifts from Santa. Most children don’t really care about what or how much they get, they just care that Santa came.

In elementary school, some teachers make reindeer feed for Santa’s reindeer. Most recipes consist of granola and glitter. It’s a fun craft for younger children to make. On Christmas Eve, just sprinkle the feed around the house. The reindeer enjoy snacking. I mean, it’s only fair that they get food too, especially with all the cookies Santa eats.

In most towns, Santa has arranged to have photos taken with children. They get to sit on his lap and tell Santa what they want for Christmas. There is a picture taken after they talk. Children usually get a candy cane for coming to see Santa.  

Baking homemade cookies and pouring a glass of cold milk just for Santa on Christmas Eve is one of the basic traditions for many families. Attempting to stay up late on Christmas Eve just to get a glimpse of the big guy in a red suit sliding down the chimney but failing miserably and ending up falling asleep is one of my favorite memories as a child.

I’m pretty sure everyone has set an alarm to wake up super duper early Christmas morning to rush to the Christmas tree to open presents. But if you’re like me, you have to wait until parents and siblings get up before opening anything. While waiting for the rest of the family, curiosity gets the best of some. Some sneak to the tree and pick up one of their own presents to shake and guess what’s waiting inside.

Christmas caroling sounds like fun. I’ve personally never gone, but it’s something that has been around for a long time. Carolers spread Christmas cheer throughout neighborhoods.

Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel are a must watch for my family. I’m always up for a nice warm cup of hot chocolate while being bundled up in blankets on the sofa. “Elf” is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies.

Christmas spirit comes from believing. Just because you can’t see Santa, doesn’t mean you can’t believe in him. Santa, in my opinion, should be enjoyed by children of all ages. Christmas joy is amazing.

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Santa Claus: I Believe