How to jump start a battery.


The Automotive Service Technology class and Mr. Harper demonstrate the proper way to jump off a car.

Step 1: While car is in park, take out the jumper cables and open hood to expose the battery.
Step 2: Pull running car in front of the car to be jumped and open hood.
Step 3: Place the cables on the running car (red cable to the positive side and black to the negative side) making sure that the clamps on the other end are not touching.
Step 4: Attach the cables to the car to be jumped(red clamp to positive and black clamp to negative).
Step 5: Try to start the disabled car. If it doesn’t start right away, allow the battery to charge a little by letting it run while connected for a while then retry.
Step 6: Once car is running, remove the cables carefully not letting the clamps touch
Step 7: Take the car that was jumped to have the battery tested to see if it needs replacing.

Video by Paige Moore. Video Editing by Nicol Milev.