What is the City of Tupelo doing for the environment?

The government of Tupelo is doing a number of things to move to a more environmentally friendly city.

“As far as regulations, it gets a little bit out of our control as a city, as a municipality, “ Mayor Jason Shelton said.

Despite this lack of power, Shelton has shed light on what the city can do to help.

“Right now we’re having a litter campaign in the city of Tupelo #Tupelotrashchallenge. That’s part of the sesquicentennial efforts, 150th birthday efforts, of the city of Tupelo to really clean and beautify our city. [We’re trying] to get the schools involved, get the churches, get civic organizations get different people involved, different groups involved in cleaning up the city of Tupelo from the litter. It all adds up as far as an environmental impact. So even if it’s picking up trash, recycling, those types of things collectively make a big impact [on the environment]. It also makes our city more attractive to recruit people, businesses, new homeowners into the city.”

“We have through Public Works and Tupelo Water and Lights debris removal” which is used in the mulch program.

The city has been planting trees though the Tupelo Tree Farm and has added curb side recycling.

The city also has developed a Keep Tupelo Beautiful program.

“We [Keep Tupelo Beautiful] hold events thoughout the year such as electronics recycling, tire recycling, beautification projects, etc.” KTB director Kathryn Rhea said.

As far as what students can do, Shelton says, “… it’s not too early, in my opinion, to think about future generations. Help with the education of the general public about how serious of an issue it is.”

Americans are more attracted to bigger vehicles which traditionally emit more CO2. Most, if not all,  residents of Tupelo drive gas powered vehicles. While some hybrid or electric cars have gained popularity, the cost still makes them less popular.

Carpooling is one way that people can stop the spread of CO2 according to Laurie Bishop Environmental Science teacher. Tupelo also has Tupelo Transit for people who are interested in using public transportation.

People who are interested in more information about any of these programs should go to www.tupeloms.gov for more information.