What it is: AP Science Club is open to all students who have taken or who are currently enrolled in any advanced placement science class. This club has taken on the role of heading up the recycling on campus.

Key Role at THS: With over 50 bins in classrooms and workrooms around campus, each member of the club is assigned their own classroom and is responsible for emptying out that class’s recycling bin every two weeks. The large recycling dumpster is located in the freshman parking lot.

They said it: “We began recycling efforts last year. We’ve expanded the program this year and now have bins in over 50 classrooms and work areas on campus,” Mrs. Ware, club sponsor, said. “Each club member must earn 20 service points to participate in the field trip to the CDC in Atlanta this year,” Ware said.

Up Next: It is the club’s hope for every teacher and student to engage in recycling. “It is simple. Each bin has a sheet for what can and cannot be recycled attached on each bin,” Marcus Davis, AP Science Club President said. “We are also planning to use the recycling items to engage in a community project,” Eli Smart, senior member said. This project will include picking up trash from the Tupelo area. After gathering trash, the AP art class will build a sculpture using the recyclable items. This sculpture will be auctioned off with the money going toward buying a water filler station for the school.