RIP Kobe Bryant

Tupelo Student reflects on the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant.

The Golden Wave Media Staff member Mario Watson spoke to Kabriyen Clark about the recent death of the basketball legend. 

MW: How do you feel about Kobe?

KC: Kobe was the greatest of all time.

Nobody can do it better.

MW: How does the recent news about his death affect you?

KC: It hurt me a little because you know growing up watching him, I was watching Jordan and I watched Kobe. He [Kobe] illustrated Jordan’s moves but he made him better. He showed me that I can do a lot.

MW: How will you remember him and his legacy?

KC: In the coming AAU season [Amateur Athletic Union Basketball League]. I’m gonna choose [jersey number] 24 or 8. I’m  going to start wearing Kobe’s [shoes] the whole season.