CTE College and Career Fair


Golden Wave Media staff met with different representatives who participated in CTE’s College and Career Fair Day. The staff got a lot of new information for our highschool students who may show interest in the many different future successes. For more information about these businesses/colleges, slide below.   


Javeonte Perry
“We’re a tire business and and we make light passenger tires.”

Cooper Tire  

Business “We’re a tire business and we make light passenger tires.”

Job opportunities ”We have the regular assembly type jobs to production type jobs to careers such as accounting, human resources, engineering.

Pay “Pay can range anywhere, starting pay is 15 dollars and can go up depending on degrees and certifications.” 

Benefits “We have Insurance, 401 K, a six percent match, dental, Vision, a wide variety.”

Requirements “A highschool diploma for a production side, if for engineering those require certifications.”

Javeonte Perry
When you become 18, they can be an Arbonne Indepedent consultant and then they own their own business, get their own website and market health and wellness products and other medicine.

Arbonne Health and Wellness  

Business “It’s health and wellness as well as social marketing”

Job opportunities ”when someone become 18, they can be an arbonne independent consultant and then they own their own business, get their own website and market health and wellness products and other medicine”

Pay “ can range from 0, if you don’t do anything, to 6 figures a year, everybody starts with the same opportunities.”

Benefits “a lot of personal growth involved and leaderoppertuniies/mentoring skills 

Requirements ”Be 18 and have a desire to help other people.”


Javeonte Perry

Graham Roofing 

Business “We do commercial roofing”, industrial work like schools, factories, however but nothing residential like homes or churches.”

Job opportunities ” We do industrial work like schools, factories, however but nothing residential like homes or churches.”

Pay “start at 10 dollars and hour and it works up from there. We do 90 day performance reviews.”

Benefits “You get to see the job finished. As in putting the roof on.”

Requirements ”You do have to be 18”

University of Memphis 

What is the Average ACT score, GPA? Act-23 , GPA- 3.4 

What are some of U of M top majors? Business, Engineering, and Nursing. 

Why should people come to the U of M? The school has some of the best resources, Best of the Best, and internships starting at $15 to $25. 

Is there anything else you would like people to know about U of M? No increased tuition and Grad school is cheap. It’s in a very fun city, and the university  has over 300 clubs. 

The University of Southern Mississippi. 

Acceptance requirement: Score at least a 16 on the ACT with a 2.5 GPA or 18 with a 2.0 GPA,  high school transcript

Top majors: Music, Theater, Visual arts, Nursing, Business

Why students should consider USM:  It’s a smaller school with about 15,000 students. More hands on experience with professors and opportunities.  We have a Writing and Speech Center.

Website for more info:  https://www.usm.edu/

The W 

Acceptance requirement

High school transcript, senior schedule, ACT/SAT scores. 16 on the ACT with a 2.5 GPA 18 on the ACT with a 2.0 GPA. 4 english units, 3 math units including algebra 1, 3 science units including biology 1, 3 social studies units, 2 advanced electives. You need either 2 foreign languages, one foreign language and advanced world geography. Also need 1 unit of art and ½ unit of technology.   

Top majors:  Psychology, Nursing, Business, Art, History, Theater

Why should students consider The W:  More hands on. Student to faculty is 13:1. 

Website for more info: https://www.muw.edu/



Acceptance requirements:  Must be a highschool graduate or have an GED and have taken the ACT

Top majors: Nursing, Business, Education

Why students should consider them: Most classes have around 25 students. It is one-third  the cost of other schools.

Website for more info: https://www.iccms.edu/Home/portalid/0


Javeonte Perry


Acceptance Qualifications:  ACT Score 18; GPA 3.0, ACT Score 16; GPA 3.2

What sets you apart from other colleges?  You get a big corporate experience, with a small community 

Javeonte Perry

Ole Miss 

Acceptance requirements: 3.25 GPA OR  18 ACT with 2.0 GPA OR 16 ACT with 2.5 GPA 

$40 application fee for instate students 

Popular Majors: Accounting, Health professions, Law, Liberal Arts, Education, Business, Journalism 

Selling points: Size of campus, Prettiest campus in America 



Javeonte Perry

FL Construction  

Requirements: None for labor work, High School diploma not required 


ESOP company – employ owned, 401K, Insurance, Starting pay salary is $12/hour for labor, Crane college – trains you on the job site.

(662) 862-2172 

Javeonte Perry
Kyion White interviews University of North Alabama. Kyion gain lots of information like that UNA has in state tution of THS studetnts, and acceptance requirements are 18 on ACT with a 2.25 GPA.

University of North AL -Oldest 4 year in AL, founded as a teachers college. 

Acceptance Requirements: 18 or higher on ACT, 2.25 GPA OR 16 or 17 ACT with 2.0 GPA (w/ extra classes)

App Fee: 35$

Top Majors: Education, Nursing, Marine Bio, Entertainment Industry, Industrial Hygiene 

Why your school?

“We really invest in our students, what you get at UNA is to prepare you for what you’ll see after UNA. Preparing you for Grad school and workforce throughout your learning experience at UNA.” 

Website: https://www.una.edu/

Javeonte Perry
Kyion White interviews Jackson State University. In this interview he found out that the acceptance requirements are 16 or higher on ACT with a 2.5 GPA. They also have no application fee at the moment.

Jackson State University  

Acceptance Requirements: 16 or higher ACT  with 2.5 grade average

App Fee: None

Top Majors: Engineering, Pre- Med, Criminal Justice, Education, Business Admin

Why your school?  “At JSU it’s not about coming, it’s about finishing. When you come to JSU we will make sure you leave with a degree. We have tools to assist you during your study, and that you will be a successful student while attending JSU.” 

Side Remarks: “Go tigers” 

Website: http://www.jsums.edu/ 

Century Construction

What are some of your job opportunities?  “Well we have several different job opportunities at several different levels. We have entry level positions all the way up to highly skilled training levels and those who work in the office. One of the best benefits about our industry or the construction industry is an individual can come in and earn a very good wage, while at the same time of practicing and learning the craft and the skill of our job. And that’s usually either an alternative for driving to college or he can supplement while he goes to college.” 

What requirements are needed?  “The other thing is always the more education we have the knowledge.  But as I noted earlier, you can start out in our company, we just start off at the entry level jobs and work your way up.”

What benefits could we get from working with you?  “Well, in our industry, some of the benefits that stand out are our retirement plans, insurance plans, benefits such as that, but we also have saving plans for college. We’re looking at different options of helping students pay off college debt.”


Javeonte Perry

ICC  Computer program

What is your acceptance requirement?  “We have no acceptance requirements.”

What are The application fees?  “There is no application process for our particular department.”

What is the biggest selling point of your school?  “The biggest selling point for computer programming technology is that we have a group of industry leaders that we meet with at least twice a year.  And so the biggest selling feature is that we’re going to try to offer our students those objectives and software and skills that employers are needing. We try to place [our students] within our five County area; however, we do place students all over the state of Mississippi and outside of the state of Mississippi. And our classes are small so that gives you a smaller student to teacher ratio”

Is there anything else you want others to know?  “We offer different computer programming languages, on a mid range and on PC, which will give well rounded information to people that go out into the workforce. And we’re located on the Tupelo campus, we do have students that are in the band, that play sports and things like that. They can shuttle over to the Tupelo campus to take our courses. We allow them time because most of our class finished at 2p so that they can  get over to band practice”


Javeonte Perry

U.S Army National Guard

What are the benefits for joining?  Some of the benefits include free housing while you’re in, free health insurance and dental insurance. Of course, there’s always the college benefits from a few different ways you go to college at no cost to the service member. Guaranteed job training and you get to choose your own job based on your score.

What requirements do you need to have?  Be between the ages of 17 and 34. Have a high school diploma or being on track to graduate or a GED. And fall within the physical standards your general health condition.