Remember that time?

Seniors reminisce about their senior year.


Marty Pettit Photography

The Class of 2020 senior class photo

The Tupelo Boys cheer at the first pep rally held in the new gym. (Ryan Coon, Tupelo Public Schools Communications Assistant )

Will Sandroni- The first Pep Rally in the new Gym.

Chasity Pimentel – Senior Homecoming.

Rhett Smith – Running out on the field first time for Tupelo Boys.

Senior Girls pose by the Senior Homecoming Float after a tumultuous homecoming parade. (PHoto Courtesy of Alyssa Brohawn)

Alyssa Brohawn – One of the most memorable moments from this school year was when Homecoming got moved to Thursday instead of Friday because of the weather. Everyone was scrambling to get everything ready a day earlier than planned–the parade, the pep rally, the homecoming court, the football game. It was hectic, but somehow we managed to get it all done and had a great time cheering on the wave.

Kelsie Walker – The pep rally where the teacher fell on the floor [during a relay race because he was dizzy].

Jacob Ashby – Ms. Winters’ English IV class.

Zach Weldon – Football Senior Night running out onto the field to take picture with family and give my mom flowers.

The Tupelo High Marching Band marches through The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in what would be the band’s last performance of the 2020 school year. (Courtesy Olivia Morris)

Olivia Morris – Disney Band Trip.

Hayes Hammond – Playing in the Mississippi Alabama All star football game.

Nakiya Cayson – Playing two third round softball games against Neshoba & immediately going to be on the homecoming court

Massie Eckard – Being in a graduating class during the COVID-19 pandemic. I keep thinking back to how my senior year has been cut short and realizing that my “last day of high school” was the Friday before spring break. It’s sad to realize that this is how it ends, but it is definitely memorable!

Erin Matthews – Going to nationals in Disney World with the cheer team! All of my best friends in the happiest place on Earth!

Synergy Show Choir members pose with director Danielle Ratliff after the Madison Central competition. (Courtesy of Danielle Ratliff)

Morgan Robbins – Doing my last show as a member of Synergy. Show choir has been one of my favorite things of my high school career and to share the stage with all the girls I love, doing the thing I love most is something I will never forget!

Lilly Bray – The relay races at the pep rallies.

Carrol Trent Imbler competes in the Community Bank Scholarship challenge while Tupelo Boy Kyion White counts for her. (Dynastee Burnett)

Carrol Trent Imbler – Winning the Community Bank Challenge was the best way to end the 2019 football season! As soon as I won, I ran back to the student section and we threw the powder for the white out game!

Kyion White – The very first pep rally. It was so fun and I will never forget all the smiles and cool vibes. My favorite part of the year was being the “T” for TUPELO boys.

The THS Lady Wave Soccer team celebrates after making it to the third round of playoffs. (Courtesy of Madison Stanzell)

Maddie Stanzell – THS Soccer team celebration after we made it to third round was so exciting and by far my favorite memory of THS Lady Wave Soccer.

Bryant Stubbs, Jr. – Becoming a basketball manager and thinking about doing it in college. Just get the vibe of how it is and how everything is supposed to operate. Getting to meet new people and make new bonds and when I can come back to the games they’ll recognize me.

Destiny Pimentel – Homecoming.

Marissa Michaels and Ginny Gray pose on the sidelines while covering a football game for WTHS. (Courtesy of Ginny Gray)

Ginny Gray – I have loved going to every single one of Tupelo’s football game in the past 4 years! Cheering on the wave in the stands with my friends or filming on the sidelines I will forever remember those Friday Night Lights!

Wanye Brown – Being able to reach finals with my favorite cheer squad, and being able to be 4th in the nation.

Luke Losordo – An overtime and last second victory against Clinton the quarter finals of the soccer state championship tournament.

Carson Rousseau – My last football Game.

Seniors gather and celebrate after the last home game of the 2019 football season. (Courtesy of Hannah Bradford)

Hannah Bradford – Staying to the end of football games and cheering on the team regardless of the final outcome. On our last home game, we were even able to go on the football field and the cold weather did not stop us from reminiscing on our great 4 years.

The Boys Swim team pose with a trophy after winning a 13th straight State Title. (Courtesy of Taylor Chapman)

Taylor Chapman – The High School Swimming State Championship. The boys this year were aiming to uphold their winning streak and attain the thirteenth state championship in a row. With a combined effort, the boys swept the competition off their feet earning the thirteenth championship, and the girls placed second. This team was an amazing thing to be a part of, and I will forever remember this meet.

Lexie Freeman – My most memorable moment would be every trip and memory I made with the volleyball team. I was able to become close with both the players and coach who all brought on many laughs, smiles, and helped me through a lot of things. I met some of my best friends ever because of the program.

Gracey Rutherford, Marcus Davis and Summer Bryan take a celebratory jump after successfully presenting their Culmination Project to their class and teacher committee. (Courtesy of Gracey Rutherford. )

Gracey Rutherford – I was so lucky with the senior project group I got. Summer Bryan, Marcus Davis, and I all worked really hard on our senior project hosting a 5K Charity Run for Regional Rehab that ended up making close to $2,000.

Walker Gibens – Walking off the stage after senior project presentation.

Myeisha Lee – My last first day of high school & also the Coronavirus.

Senior girls celebrate on the rail during the Tie-Dye themed game. (Courtesy of Mary Blake Brashier)

Mary Blake Brashier – One of the football game – I’m not sure who we were going against – but the theme was tie dye. My friends and I were the last people in the stadium and it was fantastic. The student section was completely empty. I am not a huge fan of football, but my friends, man, their spirit was more than enough to fill that stadium and more.

Chloe Walker – Winning Homecoming Queen.

Liza Clare Haynes – All the seniors meeting at Harrisburg on the first day of school before the senior parade.

John Michael Caldwell – Being a part of 6 state championships as a member of the Tupelo High School Swim Team, and the countless hours of dedication to make it happen. Wrapping up my 8 year swim career and getting my 6th state championship, and continuing the streak to 13 consecutive years.