Tupelo Soccer Vs Lewisburg

What happened: Last night, Golden Wave soccer teams went against Lewisburg. They played at the Golden Wave Stadium on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. All through the game, until the 2nd overtime when Evie Crawford made the goal within the first couple of minutes. Later on, in the game night, Daven Sanders scores the winning goal during the 6th minute of the boy’s soccer game. This made both Golden Wave soccer teams win by a score of 1-0.


Key Player: When it seems that they would tie, Daven Sanders changes the scoreboard making THS win by just a single goal. While at the last minute, Evie Crawford made the first-minute goal against Lewisburg during 2nd overtime.


They said it: ”I wasn’t really expecting it, the ball came to my feet and I did everything I could to make contact. Turns out I made just enough to chip the goalie.” Sophomore, Daven Sanders said. “I remember what our coaches told us, “It doesn’t matter how you kick the ball as long as it gets in the back of the goal.” I took that to mind and just applied it” 


Key Moment: First and Last-minute goals of Daven Sanders and Evie Crawford score a goal against the opposing team goalies of the Lewisburg team.


Up next: Golden wave soccer team will go against Desoto Central on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.