Juniors Take The ACT

Juniors at THS were given the opportunity to take the ACT for free on March 2nd. Here’s what they have to say about how they prepped.

“How are you preparing for the ACT? Which ways are you studying” 

Brooke Matthews, 11: I take practice tests out of the ACT book and look up practice problems online 

Baily Fulton, 11: Currently, I am in the ACT prep. class and it has helped me a lot. I am also preparing by watching act tip videos and taking notes to look back over. 

Madison Bumphis, 11: Finding any and everything to study that will be on the test. 

Did you take an ACT prep course and do you feel like it helped you?


Briggs Tucker, 11: I took a prep course on Magoosh a while ago. I mostly did math questions and I know it didn’t help me since I took an ACT after the course and my math only went up by 1 point. My pacing was a big issue and Magoosh was mostly focused on answering questions- the time factor of it all was only a statistic on the side.


Calynn Estess, 11: Yes I took the act prep class with the PrepWorks program last year and it helped me.


Ramiyah Vance, 11: No I didn´t [prepare] but I should have.