Soccer Season Wrap-up

On February 26, 2021, Tupelo hosted the first round of the playoffs. Tupelo Soccer went up against Madison Central for their last game of the season. For the senior soccer players, this meant their last game playing soccer at THS. They didn’t go as far as they would have liked to but had a wonderful time playing against other teams. 


I thought that the team that we went against was going to be hard to and I’d have to use everything I got to not let them pass my side on defense,” stated senior soccer defense, Brandon Gonzalez. “I thought well they are a good team and I tried my hardest to defend, and at least I didn’t give up and went all in until the game was over.” 


Even though they didn’t win they still learned something throughout the season. 


That last game against Madison Central taught me that there are always people that are better than me and to work hard toward your goal,” Gonzalez stated.


Some of the Seniors have a determination to continue playing in college but some have different plans.


I do not plan to continue because I want to solely focus on my future career,” Gonzalez said. 


On the other hand, Tyler Goad has decided to continue playing by signing with the Delta state soccer team on February 24th, 2021 along with his coaches and teammate Mike Ruhl who is also signing with Delta State.


The Tupelo soccer players weren’t just motivated by just getting where they wanted to be but they were motivated by people close with them. 


It was both of my coaches that motivated me to break through on my weaknesses and work harder even when the odds are against me. They always told me ‘Do not stop running’ when the ball has been taken away from you, and keep working harder,” Gonzalez said.


“My favorite memory was playing against Ocean Springs because at that game, some soccer players from the other team acknowledged my strength and speed to make up for my shortness against tall players and I made friends too because of that.” 

I was disappointed that we lost but happy for the team’s overall success.”