Freshman Advice

What are some classes you would recommend freshmen to take in their upcoming years?


Gabby Ungo; 12; Art and try to join a sport or extracurricular. 


Ariana Cox; 11; Health, Geometry, US History, Act Prep


Rose Doyle; 11; Any and all AP classes that you feel comfortable taking. Not only will you have a fun challenge in class, but you’ll also get credit towards higher diplomas.


What are some things you should focus on and some things to avoid in the upcoming grades?


Tonijiah McCaskill;12; Do always ask questions to teachers no matter how many you have.  Do not take classes you feel like you won’t get any information from.


Caleb Fortune; 11; Don’t threaten to drop out no matter how much you want to. Actually, study don’t just go home and say you did.


Janiah Owens; 11; Do not try to be somebody you are not. Always stay true to yourself. Do not try to follow the crowd. Be a leader! 


What do freshmen need to know to be successful?


Oliva Hanby; 11; Develop good study habits and make sure to get 100s on the easy assignments. 


Ilse Acosta Gaitan; 12; To get anywhere in life, you need to know people. 


Sabrina Robertson; 11; You’re going to be exposed to so many new things, places, people, and experiences that it’ll be very easy to overstress yourself. Make sure to look after your health. Go to bed early. Take a half-hour every day to do something you enjoy.


What are some study tips you would recommend? 


Aquilia Joseph; 12; Always and I mean ALWAYS make sure when the teacher is showing a PowerPoint on the board to write down everything that is highlighted or just about everything the teacher says because that either gonna be on the study guide or either on the test.


William Brownlee; 12, Pay attention in class.


Dunia Eidhah; 12; Rewrite notes and reading aloud to oneself and last-minute study cram actually helps (in my opinion). 


What are some clubs they should sign up for?


Alicia Gross; 12; National Honors Society, Anchor club, or Key Club. You can get scholarships from those.


Sophie Pardue;11; Spirit club.


Janiah Owens; 11; DECA, Culinary Arts, Poetry Out Loud, Newspaper, WTHS.