Senior Jerseys

Senior Jerseys have been a tradition at Tupelo Highschool for many years. It’s an exciting thing for upcoming seniors to get to plan out what they want on their jerseys. It is extremely rewarding for seniors to all be a part of something and wear matching jerseys but each one with a personal twist.
What are you putting on your senior jersey?

  • “I want my jersey to show all the aspects of my life that have been important to getting me where I am, such as school, church, and art. I’m also planning on quoting “FRIENDS” and planning to match with my best friend,” Margaret Franks says.
  • “What does that mean?” and “Cucumber watermelon half-caf extra watermelon,” said Olivia Hanby.
  • “A trumpet symbol, and a bible verse,” Ramyiah Vance says.
  • “I will put encouraging words that are gonna motivate me to finish stronger and also memes that I’m known for in school, ” said Precious Witherspoon.
  • “A bible verse and the Tupelo Cheerleading team,” Macy Blanton said.

Everyone on the Golden Wave Media staff can’t wait to see all of the different jerseys everyone creates!