THS Students Summer Plans

What are your plans for the summer?

  • Shelby Burks, freshman; I plan on going to the beach with my family,going to my summer intensives at my dance studio,going to the lake with friends,and babysitting.
  • Jacquillia Sorell,sophomore; Honestly, I’m not sure but we’re still trying to plan a trip to Atlanta and Alabama at the water park. This summer will be one to remember. Also, I plan on studying for my ACT more and retaking it so I can achieve my goal I have set.
  • Margaret Franks, junior; I’m really excited to make my senior jersey and see what everyone else comes up with for theirs.
  • Jaden Boyd, freshman; This summer I would like to just enjoy not having to do school work. I would also like to get my permit and get in better shape
  • Haley Kulovitz,sophomore; I want to go swimming at beaches, and I want to go to Florida, but I really don’t know what I am doing for the summer.
  • Brandon Clark, junior; I plan to have fun and travel while also staying safe of course, and I hope to stay away from covid.
  • Monse Cabral, freshman; I’m planning on going to Canada and the beach and taking small road trips throughout the summer but summer is already starting for me since i am in Florida right now.
  • Tionna Mosby,sophomore; In June, I’m staying in Atlanta with my cousins until mid July.
  • Precious Witherspoon, junior; I plan on going to summer school for college so I can be a little ahead and also going to summer camp for girls state.
  • Gabriela Kelly, freshman; I will start working at my new job at a grocery store over the summer, and I will practice driving more to get my licence next year. 
  • Audrey Montgomery,sophomore ; Travel, lots of it, from a mission trip in Mexico to Branson,Missouri for father’s day. Babysitting for about a month. Getting my drivers license. 
  • Trinity Jones, junior; Making the most of it before by traveling before i have to buckle down my senior year
  • Teresita Amador, freshman; I am planning on working in order to start saving for future plans such as a car, college, etc.
  • Kmya Brown, sophomore;  spend time with my sisters, cousin and grandma in Milwaukee
  • Lalen Cox, junior; Working and getting my life together


Tupelo High School students are usually already thinking about summer as soon as school starts. Most of these students are going on mission trips, staying home, or either out enjoying themselves. Although summer is not as long as people think, they still make the best out of it.