CTE offers many programs

¨CTE is the acronym for Career Technical Education, is an opportunity for our students to be able to take classes or pathways that they may be interested in pursuing a career in those programs or occupational programs.¨ Evet Topp said.


Culinary Art Curry : 

¨ [Culinary Arts]  will give you the kind of the courage to actually get in the kitchen and learn how to cook the basics,¨ CTE Director, Evet Topp said. “Pre COVID, we were more hands-on, a lot more group work. So we did a lot of things together, cooking demonstration days where we did mock lectures where my students prepared a lecture for the day.¨ Ms. Curry said. Now that they’re in covid it’s difficult for the students to be interested in the projects that they actually do in class. Because if the students are not in class they don’t get the hands on and learning skills they need. 



Collision Repair Bradley :

Next is Collision Repair ¨Yes. In collision repair, you can make up to $100,000 a year. Depends on how you work. And there’s a right now there is a market for jobs for collision repair technicians. And the market is wide open so you can pretty much make your own paycheck.¨ Mr. Bradley said. Collision repair teaches you how to work on cars and how to save money and what I mean by that is so you want to get scammed out of your money and you can do it yourself  in the long run.

 ¨They love it. Students have work they do in the classroom, but they also spend time in the shop. They love going out there getting their hands dirty. Fixing projects, fixing dents, painting cars. They really enjoy it.¨ Mr.Bradley said.  

So in collision repair you’re learning how to save your money, fix your car and others, while all in one you’re getting ready for the future. 


Explore Computer Science Bankhead:

 ¨These are tasks and careers that they could use in the future, maybe at Toyota or Amazon or even at Google,¨  Ms. Bankhead said. 

  In this class students learn the concept of web design, web development, and robotics.

  ¨There are a lot of interactive activities, and collaborative activities that the students perform, such as designing websites together, or learning to program robots together.¨ Ms.Bankhead said. This class is with the technology and they could even design a website. 


In these classes you will learn things that you will need in the future to help you save money, get a job, different skills that they haven’t known before or even create your own business. All the CTE classes are too helpful for the students’ future. ¨It helps you learn different things in the work industry and it just gets you ready for life after high school.¨ Madison Martin said.  So this class is helping you prepare for your future and the work of manufacturing.