School Wide Dance Party Held at Tupelo High


Tupelo High School students were surprised on Friday morning with a flashmob at the courtyards.  As the school finished off spirit week, the student council added some spice to the final day with a school-wide ChaCha Slide.

“Everyone likes to go outside on a Friday and dance! THS Student Council thought it would be a great idea because it would raise school spirit and be a lot of fun!” Tupelo Boy and senior student council member Batton Barber said. “The Cha-Cha Slide NEVER gets old. Period.”

“It was a great vibe seeing the student body come together. I hope to see the students continue to raise the Tupelo Spirit,” Tupelo Boy Julian Ramos said.

After a long week of work, the students and faculty got to enjoy a fun outside activity. The students in the main courtyard had trouble hearing the music and eventually held an impromptu pep rally instead.

“Because Tupelo High School has the best student section in the Sip, it was really hard to hear the music. That is how loud Tupelo gets on game day,” Barber said.
“Overall, it was a success because people had the opportunity to do something fun and get pumped up for homecoming. Shout out to the band, Tupelo boys, and the cheerleaders for getting the people going!” Barber said.

“Seeing everybody come together dancing was exciting,” senior Cam Fair said.