Change of Scenery

THS students share their excitement for cafeteria reopening.

Tupelo Public School District’s administration decided to change the cafeteria policy from students eating in the
classroom back to having them eat in the cafeteria.
“They relaxed all the COVID protocols and rules against not [gathering]. So we were able to go back into the cafeteria. I think it’s great because kids [need] some time to be social and get to know other people. [And to] get a break from the classroom.‘’ assistant principal Lucas Smith said.
THS administration wants students to have time to have that socialization and freedom to enjoy the high school experience at lunch.
“It feels good to be back to regular [lunch] schedule because I feel as if this is a traditional way of living in high school.” Kendal Pugh said.
Students are optimistic about being back into the regular lunch schedule as they take pleasure in eating lunch together.
“I’m fine okay eating in the cafeteria because I get to interact with my other friends from different classes”. Chloe Shaw said.
Students cherish the times they spend together at lunch by interacting with their friends and getting to know each other a little bit more.
Not only do the students benefit from this situation, but the teachers also benefit from it because they get to enjoy some time alone and socialize and get to know other teachers more as well.
“I think it’s great because it gives the kids time to be together and to be with their friends. And it also gives us [teachers] a break because we don’t have kids in our room to have lunch. So I think it’s a great thing. “ science teacher Tori Clay said.
“Being back on a regular schedule has been great because it makes me have a sense of normalcy.” Awa Camara said.