Tupelo celebrates Piominko Day.

As Columbus day dies down, New holiday arises…

Instead of Columbus Day many Native American groups celebrate Indigneous People’s Day on Monday, October 11. “The city of Tupelo has honored Chickasaw leader Piominko since 2012 by declaring October 11, Piominko Day. Piominko was a Chickasaw leader who had a relationship with the government and played a vital role in the face of hardship challenges. He proved crucial in the survival of two nations.’’ Brady Davis of Chickasaw Inkana Foundation said.
History says Columbus made expeditions to the Caribbean and South America for over 20 years. But he was more about enslaving populations, which really opened the floodgates for European colonization,’’Brady Davis of Chickasaw Inkana Foundation said.
President Biden issued a proclamation to honor Native Americans for their hard work and determination that contributed to American society even as they face many inequality issues. This shifted focus to Indigeous Peoples Day and away from Columbus Days which are both recognized on the same date
“The Chickasaw Nation celebrates Piominko Day on October 11. There are some tribal groups in Oklahoma that celebrate Native American heritage, like a Native American Day or a heritage day instead of Columbus Day with some of those groups naming it in honor of their individual tribes or like the Chickasaw Nation did it here with Piominko Day, naming it after a very important figure in their history.” Davis said.
On Piominko Day 2021 in Tupelo Mississippi, The Chickasaw Inkana foundation had their first ever wreath ceremony at the statue of Piominko in Fairpark in front of City Hall. Mayor Todd Jordan laid the wreath.
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