Wave Washes for those without

Head volleyball coach Laurie Bishop finds a way to make students walk into
school with fresh clean clothes.

“The service has been around for a couple years now. Not a lot of people know about it,” science teacher and volleyball coach Laurie Bishop said.

The Wave Wash is a service that is offered to students who are in need of a laundromat for any reason. All you have to do is talk to your most trusted teacher and ask about the wash.

“And so there’s just like one form that has to be filled out in order for us to wash your clothes. And once that’s done, they can anonymously, if they want, bring their clothes to a trusted teacher, and then the teacher gets the clothes or whatever the items are to us.We wash them and we give them back to the teacher who then gives them back to the student,”Bishop said.

On the form of the Wave Wash there is a list of delivery days. And it also asks for any special instructions for particular items or any special detergent.

“When we started it, we sent out an email to all the teachers just to make them aware of the service and the paperwork,” Bishop said.

Not many students have taken advantage of the program. But Bishop hopes that the Wave Wash can get more recognized.

“It is kind of a little known thing that we have here that’s available if and when the need arises,” Bishop said.

“Of course, it’s free. It can be anonymous. And we just want students who find themselves in a situation where they need their clothes washed to feel comfortable, and we can do that for them.”, Laurie Bishop said.

Donations are needed for color-safe bleach, washing detergent and duffle bags.

Students and other individuals can talk to Ms. Bishop for more information.