THS celebrates Veterans day

Caption: Student Council stands while Choir sings the national anthem
By Reagan Overstreet, freshman

THS held a Veterans day program to honor our veterans. It was held in the Performing Arts Center at 8:45 on Wednesday, Nov. 10. They sang songs such as “Anchors Away” “The Star Spangled Banner” and “When the saints go marching in”

The Program was attended by all social studies and elective classes.

“I think Veterans Day is important because of the people every day who serve and provide us the freedoms that we get to have,” Dr. Williams said.

“It’s a day to recognize all the people who fought for our country and help us get this freedom that we have in other countries.” Afnane Houjhouj said.

“Veterans Day is such an important day because you’re remembering those that for our country, but also those that are serving our country right now.” Batton Barber said.

Dr. Williams said that we owe all of our freedoms to our veterans.

“They [veterans] protect all of our freedoms, freedom of speech, and freedom to live in a country that is a democracy where people can vote. I would say, every freedom that we have.” Williams said. “I think people in the younger generations don’t realize the freedoms that we have, because they were never in a situation where they didn’t have them.”

During the program, a video was played that the United States Government puts out.They have a website educating and helping teachers that want to promote veterans programs and things in their classroom.