Childhood Best friends Reflect on Memories

Childhood best friends share memories of what it was like growing up with each other and how becoming friends has affected them in the long run.

“We have been friends since third or fourth grade, around age 10 I guess,” said Evie and Avery

They have been fortunate enough to be teammates at such a young age which will mostly increase chemistry as they got older

“Well, obviously we both play soccer and feel like we’re kind of the same in a lot of ways, like our personalities and like that we have the same sense of humor,” said Evie Crawford.

With Evie and Avery being friends for so long, they have adopted some of the same habits and personalities.

“We’re both going to Northwest for soccer,” said Avery Hooker

They both plan on sticking together as long-life teammates through college

“We go on beach trips like every summer so that is probably one of my favorite memories,” said Avery Hooker

They both felt that the best memories that they made together were the times that they visited the beach.

“Our favorite things to do with each other is going to each others house and we like going to State and Ole Miss games”

They’re very social friends and enjoy each others company, but football games are one of their, if not their favorite, places to hang

“The most difficult thing will be just leaving the rest of our friends because everyone’s going to different places for college,” said Avery.

“Especially because our friends will be at State or ole miss together, we’ll be together somewhere else and it will be sad. Like, I’ll miss Tupelo because I like the school,” said Evie

Even through the tough times of their friend groups departing, they find joy in the situation because they will still be together.

“I don’t think that there’s a better player between the two of us, because we both bring something different. I feel like we’re kind of different when we play and stuff. Said Avery Hooker

“We also work really well together. If I cross a ball, Avery’s really good at running on to it and finishing it. So somehow it works out and I’ll have an assist or vice versa. We just play well together” said Evie Crawford

The two seniors find a way to complement each other’s game. If one plays well, they both play well