Archery Team Celebrates Senior Night


Ella Bramlett

Seniors together

Tupelo’s Archery team celebrated senior night on Thursday in a match against Baldwyn and Pontotoc. It was the first time that Tupelo competed against two schools at the same time and in the same location since before Covid started. Tupelo won the match defeating both teams with a score of 3215. All of the focus was on the Seniors as the season comes to an end. 

Senior Nicholas Bullock has been doing Archery for two years. He plans to try to do it after high school. 

“I like being out here with all of my friends and everything, It’s just a good environment to be around,” Bullock said. His word of advice for younger archers is ”Always listen to your coach.”

Senior Marissa Street has also been doing Archery for two years now. She was inspired by another team member, Emily Paul. Street said her favorite thing about Archery is ”Friends. I like getting to hang out with them and getting to have fun before we shoot. It gets you in a good mood.” 

Senior John Thomas Hood has been doing Archery for three years. Although he did it as a joke initially, he soon fell in love with archery.

 “It is the competition between myself and others,” Hood said.  His word of advice is ”Be the best version of yourself for your own benefit and not the benefit of others.” 

Senior Emily Paul has been doing Archery for five years, Although she isn’t planning on doing it after high school, her favorite part about archery is ”Getting to do it with my friends. I’ve really grown to love everybody on the team.” Paul’s word of advice is ”Don’t give up on what you’re passionate about.”

In the match against Baldwyn and Pontotoc, several new faces appeared in the top 12 scores.  Coach Pressley posted on the team’s remind, “Y’all are the best Archery team in Tupelo History and y’all are 50-60 points away from winning a state championship!”  The highest male shooter was Jake Milstead with a score of 290. The highest female shooter was Raven Blagg with a score of 263.