JV Baseball Swings for the Fences

JV baseball defeats Grenada Chargers 7-1.


Kara Graham

Carson Foster (29) bats against the Grenada Chargers

On Friday night the Tupelo JV baseball team went up to the plate against the Grenada Chargers. The Wave took down the Chargers with a 7-1 score. This was also a big night for the varsity team as the seniors were recognized for senior night. There was a lot going through the player’s heads as they went to face the Grenada pitcher on the mound.

“My main focus [while going up to bat] was to get on [first] base and not strike out, so we have a chance to get to the top. [As the ball was coming towards me] I was thinking fastball, fastball, fastball. I wasn’t swinging for the fences, I was just swinging to get on base.” Carson Foster (29) said.

This night wasn’t just a big one for the players that were swinging, but for the ones that were pitching as well.

“I was just trying to find a way to [keep the ball] in front of me [as I was pitching] and make the pitch look the best as it can,” pitcher John Austin Wood (2) said.

The team helped develop each other’s skills and improve the ability of the team as a whole.

“[The team] has helped me find new ways to be a better pitcher and help out the pitching staff,” Wood said.

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  • Hayes Hooker (9) goes up to bat against the Grenada JV baseball team.

  • Henry Hardin (6) looks towards home plate as Grenada prepares to swing

  • John Austin Wood (2) prepares to pitch.

  • Parker Brown (16) prepares to pitch against the Grenada JV team.

  • Carson Foster (29) bats against the Grenada Chargers

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