Golden Wave Media Staff Editorial: What we are looking for in a new principal

The Golden Wave media staff editorial expresses the opinions of the staff as a whole about the new leader of THS.

Golden Wave Media Staff Editorial: What we are looking for in a new principal

We, the Golden Wave Media staff, think that the new principal of Tupelo High School should be an audacious, responsible and caring person who wants nothing but the best for their students. We believe that the new principal should be an outgoing communicator who goes out of their way to ensure the welfare of all students. 

The principal should be understanding and comprehensive. They should stand with their students and see that success is not just numbers and academics. 

We need a principal who is unbiased and unaffected by external opinions. They should have their own voice in every aspect. 

We need a principal who can make the school as a whole better; someone who can raise the ambition of every teacher to push every student to learn. The process is similar to a biological food web, where we are all in a constant state of symbiosis or even Newton’s Third Law where every action causes every reaction 

Tupelo High requires a principal to push for unity and growth among all stakeholders. Students are individuals who reflect the values of their school. The principal should treat everyone the same without prejudice. 

They should be an enthusiastic friend to everyone at Tupelo High while still remaining an authority figure. They should treat the student body with the respect that should not be enforced but earned. We think one way respect can be achieved is by being involved and remembering the little things about the students they interact with. Even if it is something as simple as their name. Those little things can make a big difference. 

We believe Tupelo High needs a student advisory that communicates directly to the principal. This board should be made up of students with a variety of academic backgrounds so that all students have a voice regardless of class rank. 

We believe a student’s name should not be remembered because they are continuously disruptive or even for their high academic status, but rather they should be known for the distinctive character they add to the student body. The principal should engage with all students and allow them to leave their mark. We believe that every student has a story to be heard and celebrated. 

Tupelo High needs someone who can make school enjoyable. School should not be a draining experience, it should be an experience we can enjoy.