Graduation 411


“I would say the very most important thing is to make sure they have a copy of that letter (see below)  because it has all the dates and times and all the information they need,” graduation coordinator Teresa Ware said.

“The main thing is finishing strong in all your classes,” senior counselor Tyler Philley said.

Most importantly, if they don’t attend practice, then they cannot participate in graduation. So it’s really important that right now, if they work, or they have something going on, they set everything aside for Thursday night before graduation, which is May 19. At four o’clock, they have to go to the BancorpSouth center,” Ware said.

“Right now, the only thing they should be doing to prepare for the ceremony is reading that two page letter that we sent home to every parent. They have to read it because it tells them when to get tickets, how to get tickets, who can pick up tickets, and that’s one of the most, I guess, asked questions every year is how many tickets do we get?

“Every graduate gets 10 tickets, a parent has to pick them up, students can’t pick them up, and they get them at the arena box office starting the week of graduation,” Weir said.

They need to make sure they’ve applied for every scholarship. They can also make sure that they have requested their final transcript to be sent to the next place they’re going: College, job, whatever. If they need a transcript, they need to request it before they leave. A lot of students don’t realize your college does not request it for you. When you’re going to another school you have to tell THS  to send it for you,” Weir said.