DECA student competes big, goes far


In I building Tupelo Highschool offers a marketing and economic course. Marketing and Economics is a course dealing with business and finance. The course helps develop the best concepts and skills necessary for financial decision-making when it comes to the business industry. 

 “They can learn about the different aspects of business and how these aspects can actually affect how people view your business and view your city as a whole,” Kara Graham said 

On February 8th Marketing and Economics competed in the DECA competition. Graham presented a hospitality project which would later qualify her for nationals.

“ It was in the hospitality Professional Selling section. It was basically about like preparing a race and how we could use aspects of the race to attract tourism to the town,” said Graham. 

Graham was excited about her project and explained it was well anticipated.

“I chose this project because I have experience in the hospitality section and it’s a lot of writing and I love writing. And I’m just was really excited about it,” Graham said. 

When asked why she chose this class, Graham explained her enjoyment of the experiences that the Marketing and Economics course provided her with. 

“My sister was in it, in her years of high school and I noticed you got to get on a bunch of new trips and meet new people. So I was just looking for experiences and learning things that I can take with me in my real life,” Graham said. 

Graham’s hospitality section project ended up qualifying her to compete at the DECA International Career Development Conference. She did not place in the international section, but nevertheless, Atlanta provided once-in-a-lifetime experiences for her and her fellow students. 

“Atlanta was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. It provided me the opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong friendships,” said Graham.

Graham enjoyed the sports scene of Atlanta and looks forward to competing in DECA next year.

“We went to the college football hall of fame and the Atlanta Hawks game. These experiences really helped me get an insight into sports journalism. I encourage everyone to join DECA since ir provides you with opportunities and it is a really supportive environment,” Graham said.